Meet Cebo from The Fresh Up Barber

Meet Cebo from The Fresh Up Barber

At Grade, we are all about creating opportunity and supporting fellow African creatives and entrepreneurs. We know the hustle ain't easy - so we will always empower where we can. This time around, we linked up with Cebo - who is the founder of The Fresh Up Barber which is based in Stanger, KZN. 

We created limited edition capes for his barber - and also caught up with him about his business and future plans.

See below..


What got you into starting a barber?

My uncle used to be a barber. At the time - I wasn’t really doing anything - he had a shop in town and in my hood no one was cutting there.. he taught me how to cut. I would meet people and I love to see the confidence fresh hair brings out in people, and the transformation it brings them. I love seeing it, because I also want to transform my own life.

How did you find out about Grade Africa?

The story is crazy! Crazy thing, I used to follow Zaid on the days of Lost Property and saw him in the Hype magazine being the sneaker plug to celebrities. I tried to reach out and write emails, but it got me nowhere. Once I got his IG handle - I asked him about Lost Property and he told me, about Grade Africa. I saw the movement immediately, and saw the classic logo tees, and fell in love. I also found out about Sneaker Exchange and love the community aspect about the brands.


What advise do you have for other barbers in SA?

Do what you love and be passionate - I believe that we all have god in us, but we need to express the god we have in us. I believe each barber / business must first fall in love with their passion and what they do. Because that light will shine through onto their business.

What do you want to see change in SA in the next 5 years?

More young people hustling - we need to help and support each other and uplift our hoods to create more safe working spaces. We need to support hoods - whether you're selling sweets, chips, meat, or a event organization, etc. We need to give opportunity to the next - especially the youth, we need to support and uplift each eachother  and open more doors for people. 

What’s next? 

I believe, I acquired enough information on cutting hair, I would like to teach the youth on cutting - people in their 20s, but also high school kids - I want to teach them how to cut, thus will allow them to be employed and open more jobs for the township. I’d like to create 100 jobs within the next 5 years. 

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