You often hear the term global warming thrown around very loosely, talks about saving the sea turtles, polar bears and keeping our earth clean - but what does it actually mean? 

In layman's terms, global warming refers to the rapid and unnatural increase in the earth's temperature over a short period, due to human activity and pollution. Now, this might not seem like such a big deal right? What if we told you that global warming could be the biggest threat humanity is currently facing? Increased numbers of natural disasters, famine, drought, death, destroyed ecosystems and NO CLEAN WATER. This is exactly what it is. 

It’s time we take responsibility and actively change the way we live through eco-friendly and sustainable practices. We here at grade pride ourselves in the way we conduct our business and try to be as environmentally and eco-friendly as we possibly can by dedicating time to constituting awareness around this dire issue through creative art displays made from recycled material. It may not be much, but the need for small change is necessary. Through this initiative, we hope to create a consciousness about this issue to encourage and initiate change. 

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