Space Jam: A New Legacy x Grade Africa

Space Jam: A New Legacy x Grade Africa

It's no secret that basketball is perhaps one of the most influential sports in the world, and it's culture off the court has influenced many of pop culture’s images from fashion to movies to even music, this influence of the sport was more adamant during the 90s and early 2000s with references making their way into music and sports wear brands seeing a huge investment opportunity with in the market. One baller who can say they've had an amazing career run in the sports is the one and only 6 time NBA championship legend Michael Jordan.
With six championship rings under his belt in the 11 year run playing for the Chicago Bulls, to this day Michael Jordan is considered one of the greatest players if the not the greatest player to ever live, inspiring a new generation of basketball players, but Jordan’s influence and success wet beyond the court, the undefinable talent and charisma of Jordan spilled over into other avenues such as sportswear by becoming the first basketball athlete to have a signature shoe with Nike in 1985, but that was not enough for Jordan.

Inspired and born from a Nike commercial Creative Directed by Jim Riswold for the Hare Jordan, In 1996 Warner Bros released the now iconic and legendary live-action, animation movie Space Jam directed by Joe Pytka, with the legend himself Michael Jordan as the main character along side another cultural icon Bugs Bunny and his Looney Tones friends, after the release of the first Space Jam a new president in animation, film making and pop-culture was set, with the movie becoming the highest-grossing basketball movie of all time debuting to total of $27.5 Million and later grossing in $230.4 Million world wide, around the time where not many black people had their way to the big screen these numbers had set a validation of being able to have a black lead and still be able to have a successful movie, also not forgetting the incredible soundtrack which is now 6times platinum in the US, the amazing and well produced soundtrack had inspired many other movies after that, feather enhancing the idea that movies are more than just moving pictures but also the music play a huge role in being
able multiply the intercity of the feeling you're try to give.

During the filming of the movie in 1995, Warner Bros built Jordan his own training facility on set for him to be able to retain in good shape as Jordan was to make a come back that same year from his NBA retirement of 1993, and what a come back he had, Michael Jordan ended up being the MVP of that season and also collected his 4th ring with the Chicago Bulls setting the tone for another 2 season
winning streak, later earning him 6 NBA Championship rings in total.

After such an impactful 20 years, the Space Jam movie have been dear to a
lot of people's heart so of cause another Space Jam movie was bound to be made for the next generation. On the 17th of July the second edition of the movie, Space Jam The New Legacy was released in theaters globally but will release in South Africa after our lockdown restrictions. The next generation of Space Jam features another basketball legend, the 4 time NBA Championship winner LeBron James as the lead along side the timeless and never aging legend Bugs Bunny and his Tune Squad, a much anticipated movie of 2021 and definitely a much watch for the whole family.

Continuing the conversation of legends and their culture redefining moments, Grade Africa is set to release the Space Jam x GRADE Africa collection feather proving the magnitude of the movie, the founder of Grade Africa - Zaid Osman had this to say “Space Jam is definitely one of my favorite movies, the impact this movie has had on street culture is insane, I mean look at the Air Jordan 11 Space Jam living on to be such an iconic shoe"  The release of Space Jam - A New Legacy pushes it’s impact and influence in fashion, this year Space Jam collaborated with several brands around the world and Grade Africa happens to be one of them representing Africa, “it’s so crazy to be able to collaborate with Warner Bros to create our own collection, it’s really been a dream, and we are
going to continue making these dreams reality. I’ve checked out some of the other brands that Space Jam has collaborated with and to be included in that conversation is surreal, brands like Diamond Supply, BAPE, Amongst Few, etc so to hold it down for the continent is truly a honor.” said Zaid.

With no doubt a moment of history in street culture and fashion, the Space Jam × Grade Africa collection is to release on 30th of July 2021, and will be available on the Grade Africa website also the Grade Africa flagship store at Mall of Africa in Johannesburg, as well as selected retailers across the country.